X-Men Films

X-Men The Movie
Cyclops Jean Grey with bustier - to give her
a bit of modesty!
Jean Grey with her hair down
and a cleavage!
Professor X
Rogue Wolverine Storm zipped up Storm unzipped!
  Professor X in anti-magnetic chair Rogue in X-Men uniform  

X-Men 2

Cyclops Logan Wolverine Nightcrawler

X-Men 3

  Jean Grey/Phoenix  

Fantastic 4 Movie

Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic Susan Storm/The Invisible Girl - Visible Susan Storm/The Invisible Girl - Phasing Susan Storm/The Invisible Girl - Invisible
Johnny Storm/The Human Torch The second version of The Invisible Girl came in all three variants too.
Ben Grimm in Spacesuit Ben Grimm/The Thing Victor Von Doom/Doctor Doom

Marvel Toy Biz Figures



Marvel Universe Figures

Of all the pages in this site, this one is the most incomplete! Why? Because I grew up on a Marvel diet based largely on the UK comics Wham!, Pow!, Smash!, Fantastic and Terrific, which reprinted Marvel strips in black and white on a weekly basis. The figures I own are the ones I remember the best. Simple!


The Mighty Thor and The Enchantress The Incredible Hulk and Cyclops.
These sets all come with a unique comic.
Cyclops and Marvel Girl
Cyclops 1 Cyclops 2 Wolverine Wolverine
Gambit Kitty Pryde or Shadowcat Colossus Juggernaut
Jean Grey Jubilee Psylocke Storm
Professor X Beast 1 Beast 2
Captain America with Round Shield Bucky, the Captain's loyal sidekick Red Skull Iron Man
Iron Monger Doctor Strange Doctor Strange (Astral Projection) Loki
Nick Fury (SDCC Special in presentation box)

Marvel 2.5" Figures

  Guardians of the Galaxy  
Guardians of the Galaxy introduced
a new scale of figure to the Marvel
Universe. 2.5", with limited articulation
brought action figures home. This is how
figures used to be in the good old days!
The likenesses are not too bad,
considering the size!
  Avengers - Age of Ultron  
Savage Hulk and Ultron Hunter Iron Man Hulk and Hulk Buster
Iron Man 43 vs Sub-Ultron 001 Captain America vs Sub-Ultron 002 Hulk vs Sub-Ultron 003 Hawkeye vs Sub-Ultron 004
Thor vs Sub-Ultron 005 War Machine vs Sub-Ultron 006 Nick Fury vs Sub-Ultron 007 Scarlet Witch vs Sub-Ultron 008
Quicksilver vs Sub-Ultron 009 Iron Man Mk 45 vs Sub-Ultron 010 Vision vs Sub-Ultron 011 Rampaging Hulk vs Sub-Ultron 012
  Ultron Mk. 1 vs Iron Legion Ultron 2.0 and Ultron Sentries  
  Captain America - Civil War  
Ant-Man and Winter Soldier Giant-Man and Ant-Man Captain America and Crossbones Captain America & Mercenary (Concept)
Falcon vs War Machine Iron Man and Black Widow Iron Man vs Scarlet Witch (Concept) Vision vs Winter Soldier
Boxed Set Box Set (Argos Exclusive)

The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection

by Eaglemoss

Issue 2 - Wolverine Issue 5 - Magneto Issue 5, (alternative numbering) - Storm Issue 14 - Jean Grey/Phoenix Standard

I stuck with buying just the characters I actually wanted, but here's a complete list of the collection, for those who went all the way!
Each issue came with a magazine.

             Issue 1: Spider-Man[1]
             Issue 2: Wolverine
             Issue 3: Doctor Octopus

             Issue 4: The Thing

             Issue 5: Magneto

             Issue 6: Blade

             Issue 7: Silver Surfer

             Issue 8: Green Goblin

             Issue 9: Captain America

             Issue 10: Doctor Doom

             Issue 11: Jean Grey; Variant available (Forbidden Planet Exclusive only)

             Issue 12: Iron Man

             Issue 13: Daredevil

             Issue 14: Storm

             Issue 15: Thor

             Issue 16: The Beast

             Issue 17: Elektra

             Issue 18: The Human Torch

             Issue 19: The Punisher

             Issue 20: Black Cat

             Issue 21: Captain Britain

             Issue 22: Ghost Rider

             Issue 23: Kraven The Hunter

             Issue 24: Mephisto

             Issue 25: Cyclops

             Issue 26: Ultron

             Issue 27: Sandman

             Issue 28: Mr Fantastic

             Issue 29: Rogue

             Issue 30: Black Panther

             Issue 31: Angel: Variant available (Forbidden Planet Exclusive only)

             Issue 32: Venom

             Issue 33: Iceman

             Issue 34: Red Skull

             Issue 35: Gambit

             Issue 36: Namor

             Issue 37: Loki

             Issue 38: She-Hulk

             Issue 39: Mystique

             Issue 40: Doctor Strange

             Issue 41: Invisible Woman

             Issue 42: Nightcrawler

             Issue 43: Medusa

             Issue 44: Iron Fist

             Issue 45: Shadowcat with Lockheed

             Issue 46: Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell) Variant available

             Issue 47: Emma Frost

             Issue 48: The Vision

             Issue 49: Bullseye

             Issue 50: Hawkeye

             Issue 51: Nick Fury

             Issue 52: The Lizard

             Issue 53: Polaris

             Issue 54: Nova

             Issue 55: Scarlet Witch

             Issue 56: Deadpool

             Issue 57: Mysterio

             Issue 58: Yellowjacket

             Issue 59: Luke Cage

             Issue 60: Super Skrull

             Issue 61: Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)

             Issue 62: Electro

             Issue 63: Cable

             Issue 64: Dormammu

             Issue 65: Black Bolt

             Issue 66: Psylocke

             Issue 67: The Vulture

             Issue 68: Hercules

             Issue 69: The Leader

             Issue 70: Carnage

             Issue 71: Quicksilver Variant available (Exclusive in France)

             Issue 72: Black Widow

             Issue 73: Kang

             Issue 74: Havok

             Issue 75: Falcon with Redwing

             Issue 76: Ms. Marvel

             Issue 77: The Sentry

             Issue 78: Crystal

             Issue 79: Wonder Man

             Issue 80: Mr. Sinister

             Issue 81: Mole Man

             Issue 82: Moon Knight

             Issue 83: Deathlok

             Issue 84: Sabretooth

             Issue 85: Winter Soldier

             Issue 86: Scorpion

             Issue 87: Lady Deathstrike

             Issue 88: Absorbing Man

             Issue 89: Guardian

             Issue 90: Adam Warlock

             Issue 91: Shocker

             Issue 92: Bishop

             Issue 93: Valkyrie

             Issue 94: Mandarin

             Issue 95: Impossible Man

             Issue 96: Nighthawk

             Issue 97: Blink

             Issue 98: Gladiator

             Issue 99: Morbius the Living Vampire

             Issue 100: Banshee

             Issue 101: War Machine

             Issue 102: Hobgoblin

             Issue 103: Baron Zemo

             Issue 104: Taskmaster

             Issue 105: Doc Samson

             Issue 106: Multiple Man

             Issue 107: Union Jack

             Issue 108: Man-Wolf

             Issue 109: Ikaris

             Issue 110: Machine Man

             Issue 111: Shang Chi

             Issue 112: Black Knight

             Issue 113: Hellcat

             Issue 114: Viper (Madame Hydra)

             Issue 115: Dazzler

             Issue 116: Chameleon

             Issue 117: X-23

             Issue 118: Tigra

             Issue 119: Jocasta

             Issue 120: Jubilee

             Issue 121: Jack of Hearts

             Issue 122: Crimson Dynamo

             Issue 123: Enchantress

             Issue 124: Gladiator (Melvin Potter)

             Issue 125: Sunfire

             Issue 126: Titania

             Issue 127: Gorgon

             Issue 128: X-Man

             Issue 129: Ant-Man (Scott Lang)

             Issue 130: Klaw

             Issue 131: Grim Reaper

             Issue 132: Annihilus

             Issue 133: Drax the Destroyer

             Issue 134: Son of Satan

             Issue 135: Nomad (Jack Monroe)

             Issue 136: Snowbird

             Issue 137: Wasp

             Issue 138: Batroc the Leaper

             Issue 139: Scarlet Spider

             Issue 140: Beta Ray Bill

             Issue 141: Pyro

             Issue 142: Silver Sable

             Issue 143: Radioactive Man

             Issue 144: Typhoid Mary

             Issue 145: Marvel Girl

             Issue 146: Quasar

             Issue 147: Prowler

             Issue 148: Firestar

             Issue 149: Cannonball

             Issue 150: Triton

             Issue 151: Ares

             Issue 152: Destiny

             Issue 153: Balder

             Issue 154: Wrecker

             Issue 155: Songbird

             Issue 156: Toad

             Issue 157: Moondragon

             Issue 158: Spiral

             Issue 159: Siryn

             Issue 160: Blackheart

             Issue 161: Puppet Master

             Issue 162: Karnak

             Issue 163: Hydro-Man

             Issue 164: Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell)

             Issue 165: Photon

             Issue 166: Magik

             Issue 167: Beetle

             Issue 168: Shanna the She-Devil

             Issue 169: Forge

             Issue 170: Wizard

             Issue 171: Thunderbird

             Issue 172: Dracula

             Issue 173: Avalanche

             Issue 174: Arachne

             Issue 175: Mockingbird

             Issue 176: Tiger Shark

             Issue 177: Nico Minoru

             Issue 178: Domino

             Issue 179: Sif

             Issue 180: J. Jonah Jameson

             Issue 181: Sebastian Shaw

             Issue 182: Swordsman

             Issue 183: Owl

             Issue 184: Hammerhead

             Issue 185: Longshot

             Issue 186: Trapster

             Issue 187: Shaman

             Issue 188: Werewolf by Night

             Issue 189: Gamora

             Issue 190: Vance Astro

             Issue 191: Constrictor

             Issue 192: Wolfsbane

             Issue 193: Stingray

             Issue 194: Moonstone

             Issue 195: Danielle Moonstar

             Issue 196: Firelord

             Issue 197: Spider-Man 2099

             Issue 198: Wiccan

             Issue 199: Deathbird

             Issue 200: Hela


Alternative Release Order

In some areas issues 5-14 saw the figures released in a different order.

             Issue 5: Storm

             Issue 6: Iron Man

             Issue 7: Green Goblin

             Issue 8: Daredevil

             Issue 9: Doctor Doom

             Issue 10: Blade

             Issue 11: Captain America

             Issue 12: Silver Surfer

             Issue 13: Magneto

             Issue 14: Jean Grey

Variants in the collection

             Issue 11: Jean Grey in red Phoenix costume: This was an exclusive only available to subscribers and through Forbidden Planet.

             Issue 31: Angel in blue and white costume with blue face: This was an exclusive only available to subscribers and through Forbidden Planet.

             Issue 46: Captain Marvel Exclusive to Diamond Comic Distributors customers. Titled the "Previews Exclusive Variant" or "PX Variant"

             Issue 71: Quicksilver Green Costume. Exclusive in France.

             Special Issue 1: The Incredible Hulk Grey skin Hulk.


             Subscriber Exclusive: Red Costume Spider-Man

             Issue 1: The Incredible Hulk; Variant available see above.

             Issue 2: Juggernaut

             Issue 3: Colossus

             Issue 4: Thanos

             Issue 5: Black Costume Spider-Man

             Issue 6: Apocalypse

             Issue 7: Rhino

             Issue 8: Iron Man (1st Appearance Movie Version)

             Issue 9: Abomination

             Issue 10: Man-Thing

             Issue 11: Kingpin

             Issue 12: Destroyer (70th Anniversary Special)

             Issue 13: Cloak & Dagger (On a shared base)

             Issue 14: Ronan the Accuser

             Issue 15: Omega Red

             Issue 16: Sauron

             Issue 17: Odin

             Issue 18: Terrax the Tamer

             Issue 19: Giant-Man (Henry Pym)

             Issue 20: Skurge the Executioner


             Issue 1: Galactus

             Issue 2: Sentinel

             Issue 3: Watcher

             Issue 4: Fin Fang Foom

             Issue 5: Blob

             Issue 6: M.O.D.O.K.

             Issue 7: Mojo

Double Packs

             Issue 1: Professor Xavier and Lilandra

             Issue 2: Ka-Zar and Zabu

             Issue 3: Sasquatch and Puck

             Issue 4: Northstar and Aurora