Beezer Comic - The Spacewhacker

The Spacewhacker was a science fiction comic strip, featured on the back page of the Beezer comic for 101 issues from No. 322 (17th March 1962), up to No. 422 (15th February 1964). Drawn by Terry Patrick, it really captured my imagination and I would wait with bated breath for the next exciting instalment. Well, OK, some of the stories don't stand up too well to close scrutiny these days and the science of space travel is completely wrong, but hey! this is a part of my childhood and the dawn of my interest in science fiction generally, so I feel justified in having a bit of a passion for the stories.

I've been trying to collect a complete run for my own enjoyment and currently have about a third of the issues I want.

The stories continued in the Beezer Books for 1964, 1965, 1967 and 1970, but the later ones are set on Earth, after the mission to the Purple Planet is over and aren't quite as enjoyable.

The titular vehicle, the Spacewhacker is a huge, bright red tank-like thing, which runs on a set of rollers, or walks on extendable legs, stated as being 50 feet tall in the first instalment, but being drawn as all sorts of unfeasible lengths over the course of the series. The main driving compartment is a massive clear glass/plexiglass canopy, which also changed in size as the stories dictated...

The crew are Slim Silver and his two younger siblings, Tess and Bob. The two younger crew members are also drawn as being anything between 12 and late teens, but I think they would have been around 16 when the story starts.

Enough of my ramblings! Here are a few pages from the stories, to give a taste of the series. If I've infringed any copyrights by including these, please let me know and I'll take them down.







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