Ye Olde Museum Shoppe!

Did you ever go to a museum without a shop? Nope! This one's no exception, so here it is...

All of this is from my own collection, so there are mostly only one of each item to be had.

Please email me to see if the items you want are still available and I'll send you a quote for postage - at cost, plus any new packing materials I need. Mostly I will recycle packing, so it may look scruffy, but it'll be free and save a little bit of the planet at the same time.

Payment is preferred by Paypal, which provides you with some protection too, if I suddenly decide to go and live in the Bahamas!

I'll add items as I have time to do so, so please call back regularly to see what I'm selling.


Nothing on sale at the moment. I'm currently selling my spares/doubles/etc. at the Shepton Mallet Toy Fair. Next one is on Sunday 10th Dec. 2017.