Dinosaurs and other Prehistoric Creatures



The very speculative AAA Brachiosaurus - It's awful, but I like it!
AAA are responsible for some of the most awful, toy-like dinosaur models imaginable, but some of their figures are so bad, they're good. Here's a Dromaeosaur - originally sold as a Velociraptor, I believe. A typical upright, tail-dragger as they were envisioned at the time. The AAA Iguanodon has a certain charm too!
Edmontosaurus - not too bad this time? ...and a brightly coloured Triceratops.
Euoplocephalus A Woolly Mammoth with staring red eyes!
...and a Woolly Rhinocerous!
Dacentrurus - These are the re-released Terra version of the original and highly collectable Battat dinosars. Despite being a 're-release', the first four are all new figures! Loads more to add already! Crylophosaurus
Nashungosaurus Pachyrhinosaurus
Placerias - Normally, I wouldn't let a Chinasaur anywhere near my collection, but this little fella is unique and not too bad a likeness , so here he is! (A Chinasaur is one of any number of dinosaur toy, which usually looks nothing like the scientific extimate).
Literally hundreds of Collecta dinosaurs to come, but it all takes time...
Kaiyodo Dinotales and Capsule Q dinosaurs are very detailed, very collectable and TINY!
To date there are seven series of Dinotales, with two versions of each figure.
The capsule Q figures are released in sets of themed creatures, Ceratopsians, Plesiosaurs, etc.
I'll add to the picture here as I acquire the models, but I doubt that it will ever be fully complete, due to cost...


Chocolasaurs/Dinotales limited set produced for the Dinosaur Expo 2002 in China. There are three other models produced in this range, but they must be purchased separately.
Triceratops Velociraptor - FEATHERED! Hurrah!
Loads more Favourite Dino's to add!
The original Natural History Museum dinosaur models. Here is the Apatosaurus/Brontosaurus figure. A nicely textured model.
Brachiosaurus - a truly titanic lump of plastic!
The Invicta Cetiosaurus...
...and Diplodocus
The last of the Invicta Sauropods - he Mamenchisaurus
A tiny non-dinosaur - the Dimetrodon ...and a Scelidosaurus
Tyranosaurus Rex - a later, painted version. Most of the Invicta dinosaur range were painted in the latter years to compete with other dinosaur models coming onto the market. Stenonychosaurus - a very rare model to find!  Very outdated now, with no feathers, etc., but still a detailed model.
The original T. Rex model in unpainted plastic. A nice looking model from the side, it was rather thin when viewed from the front!
On to the old favourites: Triceratops... ...and Stegosaurus
An unpainted Pteranodon Close-up of the Pteranodon head
Again, the later version Pteranodon was painted. Close-up of the Pteranodon head
Lambiosaurus Painted Baryonyx - one of my favourites!
Muttaburrasaurus and a tail-dragging Iguandon
A plesiosaurus... ...and a Pliosaur, probably Liopleurodon.
A blue Ichthyosaur Another non-dinosaur, the mamallian Glyptodon...
Invicta Woolly Mammoth ...and strangely, a Blue Whale!
Sabre Toothed Cat
Lovely models, largely dependent on the Jurassic Park designs for the donosaurs, but wonderfully executed! A Triceratops and a Stegosaurus
A brilliant Carnotaurus with moving jaw Parasaurolophus
A VERY Jurassic Park style Velociraptor! The original moving jaw T. Rex
Dimetrodon - with a moving jaw, of course! AMAZING Allosaurus with mov... you get the idea?
A blatant Jurassic Park Velociraptor with moving jaw... and an energetic looking Dilophosaurus, again with a moving jaw...
I think that this model was originally sold as a Pachycephalosaurus, but it now goes under the title YOUNG Pachycephalosaurus And of course... A Woolly Mammoth!
Pteranodon... via monster movies... teeth, musculature, everything is wrong, but it certainly looks scary!
Walking With Dinosaurs/Toyway
Although inspired by the very enjoyable BBC series, WALKING WITH DINOSAURS, these models all suffer from extremely wooden poses. No hint of activity here... A Postosuchus and a more modern Iguanodon
The Allosaurus... ...and a Utahraptor. This figure came carded with a Lelyanosaur, which sadly, I've not got in my collection at the moment.
Ankylosaurus Polacanthus
A very wooden Stegosaurus Torosaurus
Dozens more dinosaurs to add... Will I ever complete this page?