Jurassic Park 2 - The Lost World

Action figures and Playsets

Sarah Harding Dieter Stark Eddie Carr
Van Owen (with Hat)


Van Owen (without Hat) Ian Malcolm
Roland Tembo (with Hair)   Roland Tembo (without Hair)
Velociraptor Young T. Rex Pachycephalosaurus
Electronic Velociraptor Electronic Chasmasaurus
Electronic Parasauralophus Giant Pteranodon
High Hide with Nick Van Owen D.A.R.T. Vehicle with Roland Tembo

Glider Pack with Ian Malcom Dino-Snare Dirt Bike with Carter Figure
Dino-Damage Medical Centre Dino Tracker Adventure Playset
Roland Tembo with Hair Roland Tembo without Hair Roland Tembo from D.A.R.T. Set
Nick Van Owen with Hat Nick Van Owen without Hat Nick Van Owen fron High Hide Set
Ian Malcolm (Standard Version) Ian Malcolm from Glider Set Eddie Carr