Hi fellow fans! Welcome to my online Toy Museum. This is not intended as a complete or accurate list of every item available, just things I'm interested in. Click around on the left hand menus to navigate. The larger collections have top menu entries, smaller ones are in sub menus. Have fun!

This very much a developing site and new or improved images will appear as I've the time to upload them. Some pages, such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, etc., still have a lot of items to add, plus there are a few pages not working at all. I've also started to add comments, dates, etc., but  this is a hobby, after all, and I do have a life too! :-)

I have a large selection of film/TV toys, from Aliens to X-Files to trade for items from vintage TV and film, especially Doctor Who or the Anderson shows. If interested, please visit the museum shop and email me to enquire further.

Cheers for now and I hope you enjoy the pics!

Jon Palmer


Latest Updates:


Due to a mistake in my coding a lot of the site has been offline for a while, but now I've
re-vamped the index system and combined some minor pages into (hopefully) more interesting ones!

It'll be some time before everything is working again, but I hope you enjoy what's here already.