Kelloggs Thunderbirds Figures (Sugar Smacks 1966)
Parker, Lady Penelope, Brains, Scott Tracy, Jeff Tracy, The Hood

Kellogs Thunderbirds Vehicle Kits 1966

Kelloggs Captain Scarlet Badges 1967?

Kelloggs SPV Mini-Kit 1967?

Kelloggs Joe 90 Badges 1968?

Quaker 1930's Racing Cars (Sugar Puffs 1957)

Kelloggs Champion Dogs (Rice Crispies1959)

Kelloggs Jigtoys (Cornflakes1959)

Kelloggs Guards Bandsmen (Cornflakes 1958)

Kelloggs Spacemen

Kelloggs Noddy (Ricicles 1952 - Re-issued 1957)
Top Row: Mr. Plod, Tubby Bear (Early, Late & Colour Variation), Noddy
Bottom Row: Early and Late Versions of Big-Ears, Golly and Miss Fluffy Cat

Kelloggs Sooty & Friends (Coco Krispies and Puffa Puffa Rice 1973)
Sooty, Sweep, Kipper, Soo, Butch

Kelloggs Cowboys (Sugar Frosted Flakes1957)

Kelloggs Red Indian Warriors (Frosted Flakes 1958)


Weetabix Captain Scarlet (?)

Weetabix Chicken Run (Weetos)



Star Wars Ep1 Busts

Star Wars 'gems'



Star Wars Sticker Dispensers

Kelloggs Model Airliner Kits (Cornflakes 1985)


Kelloggs Knights in Armour (Rice Crispies 1959)

Quaker Thunderbirds Movie Vehicles Pencil Toppers (Sugar Puffs 2004)



Nestle Narnia: "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe" (2005)


Toy Story 2 (Nestle)


Kelloggs Robin Hood Figures

Weetabix 3D Viewer and cards (Weetabix 1963)


Batman and Robin Pogs

Lord of the Rings 3D Cards



Lost in Space 3D cards




Lord of the Rings 3D Cards (German)

Lord of the Rings 3D Cards (German Set 2)



Weetabix Doctor Who Badges

Star Trek Canadian Ships



Star Wars Rubik Heads

Star Wars Figure Viewers (German)



X-Men Dog Tags

Star Trek Cards from Canadian Cereal Packets