Brooke Bond Tea  Cards

From the mid-1950's, no self respecting child would be without at least some Brooke Bond tea cards. Brooke Bond tea was sold in rectangular green packets with an orange label and a paper inner lining. These cards were inserted between the inner and outer wrappers, one per packet. Every relative and neighbour would be encouraged to part with their unwanted cards and some children even slit the tea packet open before it was used to remove the card as soon as it arrived! Later, when tea bags became common, the cards were loose inside the box which the bags came in.

Very educational and a lot of fun, these were a fantastic way to learn a little about a lot.

British Card Albums




British Birds 1954

Wild Flowers Series 1 1955

Out into Space 1956

Bird Portraits 1957

British Wildlife 1958

Wild Flowers Series 2 1959

Freshwater Fish 1960

African Wildlife 1961

Tropical Birds 1961

AsianWildlife 1962

British Butterflies 1963

Wildlife in Danger 1963

Wild Flowers Series 3 1964

Butterflies of the World 1964

Wild Birds in Britain 1965

Transport Through the Ages 1966

Trees in Britain 1966

Flags and Emblems of the World 1967

British Costume 1968

History of the Motor Car 1968

Famous People 1969

The Saga of Ships 1970

The Race into Space 1971

Prehistoric Animals 1971

History of Aviation 1972

Adventurers and Explorers 1973

The Sea - Our Other World 1974

Inventors and Inventions 1975

Wonders  of Wildlife 1975

Play Better Soccer 1976

Police File 1977

Vanishing wildlife 1978

Olympic Greats 1979

Woodland Wildlife 1980

Small Wonders 1981

Queen Elizabeth 1 - Queen Elizabeth 2 1983

Only Wallchart Issued.

Features of the World 1984

Incredible Creatures 1985

Chimp Stickers 1986

Only Wallchart Issued.

Unexplained Mysteries of the World 1987

The Language of Tea 1988

Discovering Our Coast 1988

The Magical World of Disney 1989

A Journey Downstream 1990

Dimension X Escapade 1991

Olympic Challenge 1992

Natural Neighbours 1992

The Dinosaur Trail 1993

Creatures of Legend 1994

Going Wild 1994

The Secret Diary of Kevin Tipps 1995

40 Years of Chimps TV Adverts 1996

Pyramid Power 1997

Wonderful World of Kevin Tipps 1998


No Album issued

International Soccer Stars 1998


Oracle Cards 1999

British Wall Charts




Incredible Creatures on Land 1985

Incredible Creatures Under the Ground 1985

Incredible Creatures in the Air 1985





Incredible Creatures in the Sea 1985



Canadian Card Albums


Songbirds of North America 1959

Animals of North America 1960

Wild Flowers of North America 1961





Birds of North America 1962

Dinosaurs 1963

Tropical Birds 1964




African animals 1964

Butterflies of North America 1965

Canadian/American songbirds 1966


Transportation Through The Ages 1967

Trees of North America 1968

The Space Age 1969

North American Wildlife in Danger 1970

Exploring the Oceans 1971

Animals and their Young 1972


The Arctic 1973


Indians in Canada 1974