Waddington's Thunderbirds Game Waddington's Puzzle: Thunderbird 1

Kelloggs Thunderbirds Craft. Cereal Free Gifts 1966

Underside of  Thunderbird 4 Toy. (c)1966 APF Ltd.

Kelloggs Thunderbirds Figures. Cereal Free Gifts 1966

Base underside of  The Hood Figure

Tom Smith Thunderbirds Figures from Christmas Crackers 1966

Base underside of  the Parker Figure

Comansi Thunderbirds Figures...

...More Comansi Thunderbirds Figures...

...Still More Comansi Thunderbirds Figures...

...And Another Comansi Thunderbirds Figure!

JR21 Thunderbird 3 Toy

Pressflags Thunderbird 1 Pencil Sharpener 1966

Thunderbirds Hat: Gift in TV21 Thunderbirds Hat
Lady Penelope Dressing Table Set
Paperback: Thunderbirds Paperback: Ring of Fire Paperback: Calling Thunderbirds Paperback: Thunderbirds Are Go! Film Book
  Hardback: Lost World Hardback: Operation Asteroids  
Hardback: The City of Darkness Hardback: A Gallery of Thieves Hardback: Cool for Danger Paperback: The Albanian Affair

Imai Compact Deformed Mole Kit, on Island Base. 

Thunderbirds "Dib-Dab" Enamel Badges Set. Mail-away 1993. 

"Dib-Dab" Packet 1993 

MEV Detail from Japanese Kit 

Japanese Resin/White Metal Kit: "Rocksnake & MEV" by "White Metal Miniature Models" 

Morinaga Mini-Kits. Set of 8 with candy