Captain Scarlet

Original Run Items - 1960's onwards

Kelloggs Captain Scarlet Badge Set

Captain Scarlet Badges - From TV21? Help anybody?

Lone Star Badge

Plastoid Captain Scarlet Badge &
TV21 Spectrum Shade Badge


Captain Scarlet Mug 1967

Underside of Captain Scarlet Mug, showing date and warning message, etc.

Timpo Capt. Scarlet, Col. White, Lt. Green

Kelloggs SPV Free Gift.

Waddingtons Game 1967

  Sheet of Captain Scarlet Waterslide Transfers. Any ideas who made this?  
Paperback: Book 1 - Armada Books Paperback: Book 2 - Armada Books Paperback: The Angels - Armada Books
  Imai SPV Kit - UK Re-issue


  The 1990's Revival  
Captain Scarlet Annual Vivid Imagination Captain Scarlet Doll Vivid Imagination Captain Black Doll
Boots Christmas Crackers:

10 crackers in a themed box, containing cardboard
stand up figures, stickers and a hat. Although there
were only 10 crackers in a box, there were 12
figures in a set, so you couldn't get a set per box.

Vivid Imagination Spectrum Helicopter   Helicopter card back
  Product Enterprise SPV Diecast  
Corgi Toys SPV Corgi Toys SPC Corgi Toys Angel