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Airfix Eagle Transporter Kit Airfix Hawk Kit Imai Eagle Transporter Kit
Fundimensions Alien Kit: Nothing to do with Space:1999, but an interesting odditiy nonetheless!   AMT Ertl Re-issued Moonbase Alpha kit
Alpha Moonbase Button Badge Chief Pilot Button Badge Security Chief Button Badge
Medical Chief Button Badge Postcards Selfridges Badge
Annual 1976 Annual 1977 Annual 1978
Annual 1979   Annual 1980
Book 1: Breakaway Book 2: Moon Odyssey Book 3: The Space Guardians
Book 4: Collision Course Book 5: Lunar Attack Book 6: Astral Quest
Book 7: Alien Seed Book 8: Android Planet Book 9: Rogue Planet
Series 2 Book 1: Planets of Peril Series 2 Book 2: Mind-Breaks of Space Series 2 Book 3: The Space-Jackers
Series 2 Book 4: The Psychomorph Earthfall: E.C. Tubb's novel Series 2 Book 5: The Time Fighters