The Aliens Quadrilogy

Please Note: The Kenner and Action Fleet ranges also included "Predator" toys and figures, which are not shown here.


12" Dallas in Nostromo Spacesuit Figure Box 12" Dallas in Nostromo Spacesuit Figure
It had long been known that there were a range of 3 1/2 inch figures based on the first Alien film. Unfortunately, these were never put into full production, but only existed as prototype toys. Reflection released this range of toys based on those prototypes in 20.. and this is Kane, in a Nostromo space suit! Not before time! Unfortunately, the rest of the range were less authentic, so I only have this one to show you.

Aliens (Alien 2)

Scorpion Alien:
Among a plethora of Alien variations made by Kenner, this is probably the nearest to its movie counterpart. The Space Base is a card flat-pack taped to the back of the figure card.It makes up into a fairly nice background scene for the figure

Looking nothing like the Ripley of the films, possibly due to Sigourney Weaver not giving her permission to use her likeness in the toy range.

A lot more muscles than we've seen on screen, but a real character all the same.

Did the designers even see the film? Perhaps Bishop was based on some pre-production art? Anyhow, another figure with a BIG GUN!

Apone, Drake, Hudson and Vasquez:
All in the film, all Alien fodder. A nice selection of weaponry, though.

Not actually in the film and with a very improbable weapon! Why O'Malley when Kenner could have had a Spunkmeyer figure in the range?

Alien Resurrection (Alien 4)
A better looking Ripley than for the Aliens range, but still not lean and mean enough really.
Call A basic Alien - What more can you want? A Battle Scarred Alien?
An Aqua Alien? Ah! Of Course! A Newborn Alien!


Prometheus (Prequel)
  Prometheus' token Android, David is wearing this film's latest creation, a Prometheus space suit. Is there a pattern becoming obvious? In Alien, the crew of the Nostromo discover a skeletal alien life form, sitting under a massive instrument of some kind. Here he is again, when we discover that the strange appearance is due to a space suit of alien origin. Here is the ancestor to us all!  

Aliens Action Fleet (Galoob)

Generic Box Front - Window Box Box Back - Showing all ships in this range
Dropship APC
Narcissus Escape Craft
Micro-Machines Alien Sets
Set 1 Set 2
Set 3

Konami Alien Toys (Japan)

Series 1 Box Series 2 Box
Nostromo (Alien) USS Sulaco (Aliens - Chase Item)
Space Jockey (Alien - Chase Item) Dropship (Aliens)
Facehugger (Alien) APC (Aliens)
Chest Burster (Alien) Warrior (Aliens)
Alien (Alien) Alien Queen (Aliens)
Narcissus (Alien) Power Loader (Aliens)
Dog Alien (Alien 3) New Warrior (Alien Ressurection)
New Alien (Alien 3) Newborn Alien (Alien Ressurection)