TV Series

  The super-helicopter, Airwolf, starred in x series from 19 until 19








The Avengers

12" figures of John Steed and Emma Peel by xxxxxxxx. The second and more superior set available. John Steed's Bentley, by Corgi Toys.









Babylon 5

Ambassador Londo Molari Ambassador G'Kar, (Gold Version) Ambassador Kosh Naranek Vorlon Visitor
Marcus Cole The Drazi Ambassador The Gaim ambassador  











Buck Rogers in the 21st. Century

  Dr. Huer Draco  
  These Buck Rogers figures were initially from the film of the same name but the characters carried over into a TV series, which ran for two seasons.  









John  Crichton      
Aeryn Sun      
Pau Zotto Zhan      
Bialar Crais


























  Knight Rider  
  KITT  Knight 2000 car- Ertl  #1377















  The Screamin' Mimi helicopter by Ertl














Sapphire and Steel

  Only  a paperback novel and annual seem to have been produced for this strange and inventive series.