Game of Thrones

WARNING: This page contains spoilers for those who have never seen Game of Thrones!


FUNKO Legacy Figures


Jon Snow, bastard son of Ned Stark. Further revelations of his ancestry are revealed throughout the series, cuminating in the discovery that he is the fostered son of Targaryen and nephew to Daenerys.

Tyrion Lannister: Youngest son of the Lannister family and reviled for his dwarfism and the fact that his mother died in childbirth while having him. Possessed of a fine intellect and a with a sexual appetite of gigantic proportions!

San Diego Comic Con exclusive, "Battle of Blackwater armour. The same body as the basic figure, but with a new, scarred, head and helmet with removable eye covers.

Walgreens Supermarket exclusive in "Hand of the King" attire. This was more typical of Tyrion's appearance throughout the series.

Sandor Cleggan, or The Hound. disfigured as a child during a fight with his brother, known as The Mountain.

The living dead of the North.

Glow in the dark version exclusive to SDCC

Sister of     Targaryen, initially sold into marriage with Khal Drogo, who she came ot love. Daenerys was given three dragon eggs as a wedding present, which amazingly hatched, giving her the deadliest of allies. She was subsequently known as "The Mother of Dragons" t omany.

Ned Stark was an honourable nobleman and lord of Winterfell. Called to assist the king at King's Landing, Ned was finally etrayed and beheaded by the King's widow, Circe Lannister and her brother Jaime.

Brother and lover to his sister Circe and older brother to Tyrion, Jaime was not always predictable and possesed a noble streak despite his family associations.

Brienne was sworn to protect the Star girls, but this wan't always easy due to their fiery nature. She was more thsn a match for any man and fought an epic battle with The Hound, resulting in his apparent death.

Arya was the youngest of the Stark family and fro ma young age was witness to the horrors of the Lannister family's acts. She saw her father beheaded and her brother, Robb's family, along with her mother, killed at the Red Wedding. Arya became an accomplihed assissin, learing how to wear the faces of the dead, so she could move amongst her enemies undetected.


The Leader of the Dothraki, the horse folk of the plains. He was married to Daenerys Targaryen and they became devoted in their short time together. When Drogo succumbed to a poisoned blade, Daenerys walked into his funeral pyre with her dragon eggs. When the flames died down, Daenerys was unharmed and hed three small dragons to look after.

Robb Stark was Ned Stark's oldest son. A noble lord and leader, he was killed, along with his pregnant wife and others of his family at the Red Wedding.

Daenerys Targaryen in a later outfit from the series.






3 1/2 cinch figures with limited articulation. A Wall playset was a desirable addition to the collection and also contained a unique scale figure of Tyrion Lannister.
















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McFarlane Toys Figures






Although not quite the same scale - or even in the same scale as each other - these display well with the Funko Legacy figures and have different versions of each character, plus the Night King, not previously attempted by Funko.


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