UPDATE 13/10/2020

Due to several factors, I have decided to reduce my opening hours to Saturdays only, from 1000 until 1400, by appointment only. Appointments can be made by phone at 01884 252661, by email at enquiries@no39thearthouse.com or through Facebook. (No.39 The Art House). If you canít make it to Tiverton on a Saturday, please enquire about a personal appointment during the week.

For those who wish to know why Iím doing this:

Due to the erratic nature of deliveries from my suppliers because of the rigours of COVID and the increasing threat of another lockdown, Iíve looked hard at the amount of work I have already got booked in.

I am almost booked up until Christmas already and have a small backlog of frames waiting for the arrival of specialist glass, mirrors, etc.

I obviously have an obligation to get as much of this completed as quickly as possible, hence my decision to reduce my shop hours. This will give me more workshop time, reduce the chance of a track and trace isolation and hopefully enable me to get everything done in good time.

Apologies to those who are waiting for their frames. I am dealing with work as all of the materials arrive. Things ARE starting to move a little quicker now.

Thatís everything for now. If you want updates on your particular frames. Please email or ring me.

Thanks for your custom and patience!









UPDATE 14/6/2020

The gallery and framing business will re-open on Tuesday 16th June 2020.

Initial Opening hours:

Tuesday: 1000 - 1400 by appointment only.

Saturday: 1000 - 1400 by appointment only

Please contact me via

Telephone: 01884 252661 weekdays 10000 - 1700

Email: enquriries@ no39thearthouse.com

Facebook: No.239 The Art House

This is my initial plan as I have a lot of unfinished frames due to Coronavirus and want to use my time in the workshop to complete as much as possible in a short time. Some of my suppliers are operating a limited service as they gradually get back to 'normal', so some work will still be delayed. All customers with outstanding work, who will be affected by this should already have received a telephone call from me to discuss this. Apologies if I've missed anyone out.



Update 19/5/2020

Even though the lockdown restrictions have been eased, non-essential shops are still not allowed to open, so the gallery will remain closed. I hope we get a firm re-opening date soon.

Some of my suppliers are getting back into gear and I hope to have some new stock next week, when I'll be able to start working on frames again.

As soon as this happens, I'll start calling my customers with updates about their work as it all reaches my bench, as per my re-opening plan below.

Please note that if you didn't receive a phone call before lockdown to say that your framing was ready, then it will be dealt with as soon as possible after I return to work.

I hope you are all staying healthy and happy throughout this strange situation.



Update 3/5/2020

Due to government restrictions, the gallery is closed for the forseeable future. This includes my workshop, which is beneath the shop. To add to the current situation, all of my suppliers are closed too, so I am unable to purchase materials. Because of this, all framing is on hold.

If you had not had a phone call to tell you that your work was complete before 23 March, then it is safely stored, awaiting my attentions as soon as I can get back to work.

My plan for re-opening is to initially open the gallery on two mornings a week, using the remaining time to frame as much as I can quickly, without reducing quality of course. I will call customers to check if their circumstances have changed greatly due to Coronavirus before I do their work, then again when it is ready.

If you want to contact me, please use email at enquiries@no39thearthouse.com or if you are a Facebook user, through messenger. I am checking both daily. The shop phone is obviously not being answered, as I'm not there.

Updates will be posted here and on Facebook.

Thankyou for bearing with me during this unavoidable delay to normal services.

Stay healthy and safe,